Karen Weliky

A Nation Without Borders

Shabnam Rostami stood in her backyard with her children, watching the Oregon International Air Show. Suddenly, childhood memories  

Sankar Raman

From Bullets to Building

Marbles, three books of short Kurdish stories written in Arabic, and two AK-47 rounds. “With war always going on, those were my trophies (to take with me),”

Sankar Raman

Creating New Narratives

When Naskah Zada immigrated from Iraq to the U.S. in the fall of 1997, she was expecting to eat pizza in front of a big-screen television in either a mansion […]

Sankar Raman

Live, Love, and Juggle

Every summer morning as a child, Ramazan Yiğit — Rama —  would rise before the sun in order to shepherd his family’s livestock until sundown