Many Roads to Here

Many Roads to Here (MRH), a podcast produced entirely by volunteers, tells the story of our nation’s newcomers in their own words, bringing the voices of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to a national conversation about migration and identity. We advance the national dialogue around race and identity and dispel the myths, stereotypes and preconceptions that haunt immigrants. We aim not to preach, but to inform–and, better yet, empathize. 

MRH is a production of The Immigrant Story (TIS), a trusted storytelling organization based in the Pacific Northwest. MRH is committed to centering the stories of immigrants and refugees of color, whose voices have been marginalized in the U.S. We strive to reflect the national discourse. In order to combat erasure of immigrants, our interviews are archived at the Oregon Historical Society. In this way, we put those voices into an institution that preserves their narratives for future researchers. 

Our podcast illuminates the broader themes of human migration, persecution and refuge, and demonstrates that these storytellers are our neighbors. We believe the stories in Many Roads to Here invite listeners to take stock of their own life experiences, and to view newcomers to America with a new perspective and, we hope, respect.

Many Roads to Here is a production of The Immigrant Story. It will be broadcast locally at 99.1 FM, Portland Radio Project and will stream worldwide on Sundays after 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Episodes are available on demand at The Immigrant Story and from all your favorite streaming services including Apple Podcast.

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