Many Roads to Here

Many Roads to Here brings the voices of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to a national conversation about migration and identity. With a myriad of reasons to leave their countries and multitude of ways to arrive in the U.S, Many Roads to Here tells the journeys of immigrants in their own voice. Their stories are our stories. 

Since 2017, The Immigrant Story’s mission was simple: share stories to foster empathy and build a more inclusive community. After three years of conducting interviews, writing stories and putting on exhibitions about immigrants and their journeys to the United States, volunteers at the Portland, Oregon-based storytelling nonprofit, had an idea to help further their mission: take audio from interviews conducted for The Immigrant Story and create a podcast series that highlights the voices of individual immigrants. Each episode features one immigrant’s story of the journey that led them to the U.S. Many Roads to Here highlights the various criss-crossing paths they each have taken to America. While each episode of Many Roads to Here is unique, each story connects to recurring themes related to migration such as identity, trauma, loneliness and assimilation. These stories needed to be shared, to showcase what our country is made of, who we are and what makes us great. 

Produced by a group of coast-to-coast volunteers, Many Roads to Here utilizes the power of storytelling as immigrants share their hopes, resilience, courage and love. 

Many Roads to Here is a production of The Immigrant Story in collaboration with Portland Radio Project. It will be broadcast locally at 99.1 FM, and will stream worldwide on Sundays after 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Shortly after broadcast, episodes will be available on demand at The Immigrant Story, PRP Podcast Co-op, and from all your favorite streaming services including Apple Podcast.

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