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Barat, Kurdish Area, Northern Iraq

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Diar Alkhalo:

Top Left: This is called Barat. Barat is made of soil from the holiest Yazidi temple, Lalish.

Religious Yazidis at Lalish make the Barat on one night of the year called Shevbratk which literally means the Barat night.

Bottom Left: A small piece of wood from a small branch of a tree taken from one of the Yazidi holy places.

Center: This soil is called Tobrk. It is holy soil that was taken from one of the Lalish temples.

Most Yazidis have some Tobrk from Lalish.

Top Right: This is holy soil or Tobrk from Mahma Rashan temple in northern Iraq (Kurdistan).

Bottom Right: This is Tobrk from the Yazidi temple in Bozan village in northern Iraq.