Keeping My Culture Alive

Tsering Dolma left Tibet, the country of her birth, as a young child carried by her parents through the snowy mountains. It was 1959 and the family was fleeing   the invading Chinese. Growing up in Nepal, Tsering was on track to fulfill her dream of finishing school and becoming a nurse. Then came the day her father suddenly announced she would be marrying a man he had chosen for her and moving to the U.S. So it was in her new home, far away from all that was familiar, where she finally found ways to keep her culture alive and pass it onto the next generations.

Keeping My Culture Alive is a production of The Immigrant Story in collaboration with NW Documentary. 

This episode was produced and directed by Ashley Moser, camera by Noel Adams and edited by Luz Carasa. 

This video is made possible by a generous contribution by the Oregon Community Foundation.