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To Bear Witness: Even in Chaos

Teenagers when they met and fell in love, Abdullah and Hatidza did not let war stop them. After Abdullah joined the Bosnian army to fight for his country,  Hatidza took a dangerous bus journey alone from her family’s safe haven in Vienna into the war zone. The couple saw each other for the first time after two and a half years of separation and, two days later, married in the basement of the mosque while bombs exploded outside. Many years later, their journey has brought them to be leaders of the Bosnian Muslim community in the Pacific Northwest. 

Even in Chaos is a production of The Immigrant Story in collaboration with NW Documentary.

This episode was produced by Nora Colie, Ruth Anne Beutler camera by Lani Milton and edited by Nora Colie and Sam Gaty.

This video is made possible by a generous contribution by the Newman’s Own Foundation.