This is what I want, To Be Who I Am

Franke Tokam-Powell was born in Douala, Cameroon. As a quiet effeminate boy, he always felt he did not fit in so, when he got the chance to go to college […]

One Voice Brings a Big Change

Meghna Damani grew up in the thriving city of Mumbai, India and established herself in a flourishing career in marketing. But when she married her long-time boyfriend

Caught Between War and Paperwork

Newly married, Ghassan Bin Hammam came to get a graduate degree in the US, planning to return to Yemen to teach. But, on a quick trip back  

I’m Not Supposed to Be Here

Chanpone Sinlapasai was born in war-torn Laos and came to the US at age four. As a child acting as interpreter for her parents, she soon realized  

Sankar Raman

Tapiwa Kapurura

Tapiwa “TK” Kapurura was born in Zimbabwe during a time when the country was still Rhodesia, a colony suffering under a segregationist white minority rule  

Sankar Raman

Zeljka Carol Kekez

Zeljka (Carol) was born in Croatia and came to the United States as a high school exchange student during 1989-90. Just one year later, the civil war  

Patricia Temer

Sankar Raman

Sankar was born in India and immigrated to the U.S. to attend graduate school, earning a Masters in Physics, and a PhD in  Engineering from Purdue University. 

Sankar Raman

Liani J. Reeves

Liani was born in Seoul, South Korea, and adopted from an orphanage when she was just a few months old into a white American family.  

Sankar Raman

Janet Tolopka

Janet Tolopka was born in Hartford, CT and grew up in south Florida. She has a BA and MS in mathematics and a post-bacc degree in accounting.

Sankar Raman

Alejandro Vilches

Alejandro was born in College Station, TX , where his father was studying to become a pilot, and grew up in Honduras. There, he graduated from college,

My Self-Honoring Choices

Peggy Nagae grew up in Boring, Oregon, the second generation of her family to be born in the US. With other Japanese Americans, her parents and grandparents

The Immigrant Story Live: See Jane Run

The trauma of war has followed Jane Mantiri from her birthplace in Indonesia soon after the Indonesian Revolution to her early childhood in the Netherlands  

On My Parents’ Shoulders

Growing up in Taiwan, Janet Liu had no memory of her father, who had left to study abroad when she was very young. At age 10, she finally met him

An Orphan’s Long Journey Home

Liani Reeves arrived in the US when she was only a few months old. With no way to trace her ties to her birth family in Korea, she grew up […]

To Bear Witness: Closure

On a journey to come to terms with their losses, a group of Holocaust survivors from Portland, OR, travel together to six of the locations where concentration camps