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Temple Romance – Live on Stage

Temple Romance goes to South Indian classical flute melodies blended with a strong string and chorale harmonies. Bala’s inspiration for this piece is derived from  an early morning scene in a typical South Indian temple town where a woman is looking beautiful with flowers in her hair, wearing a bindi on her forehead and getting ready for morning worship at the temple.

I Am An American Live is a collection of pan-Asian music highlighting traditional Asian instruments backed by Western classical harmonies. Featuring intriguing combinations of musical sounds never heard before, it is performed by an eclectic group of musicians who came together just for the occasion of a single concert, “I Am An American Live”, in the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton, OR on May 6, 2022.

All of these pieces were composed and arranged by Balamurali Balu (Bala), a well-known composer and music producer who writes music for the Tamil film industry in southern India.

This unique music, which represents the blending of some of the most ancient musical traditions and instruments of Asia to create something new, celebrates the rich cultures brought to the United States by multiple generations of Asian Americans.

I Am An American Live is a production of The Immigrant Story as a part of its Live production