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Hello Kitty, Baghdad, Iraq

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Schmeiran Oclesho:

The morning Dawns, the Sun is up. Children playing. Mothers cooking. My little notebook holds my memory of my friends remembering me when they start writing. Oh! this is my life that is no longer alive. One night just changed it all. That night was dark. Everyone was running. People were crying. That one bomb, it destroyed my land. A mother cries where is my son? He went with the sun, gone like yesterday. The sand was thirsty. It drank his blood. He went to asleep. He never woke up. We wanted to live. But were kicked out. Leaving with our memories that made my history. That one night that changed my life is forever alive inside my mind. Past and future will always collide. Every time I raise my eyes and look up to the skies.