John Rudoff

A Key To The American Dream

“I was pregnant when the U.S. invaded,” recalls Murooj Alshawi. “When I heard the bombs, I started shaking and didn’t even feel my daughter in my stomach.  

Jim Lommasson

Key of My House, Baghdad, Iraq

Khairallah: When I decided to leave my home in Dara’a I closed my door with this key and decided to go back to it and kept my hope with this […]

Jim Lommasson

Paint Tubes, Baghdad, Iraq

Hussein Alkhudhari: And when it was Impossible for me to carry my mother; my palm tree and my home; and all those faces that I love; instead I carried my

Jan Landis

A Candle in the Darkness

Dr. Baher Butti’s earliest memory dates from 1963, when he was just two years old. His uncle took him to visit his father in prison, where he was serving time

Jim Lommasson

I Heart Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Iman Shati: This pottery form includes on it many traces from Iraq’s great history, Malyaia Sammarra, Lion of Babylon, Ziggurat Ur, and Ishtar Gate.

Jim Lommasson

Dinner Plate, Baghdad, Iraq

Susan Birwary: We ate on this plate since childhood and on every holiday until 2005, when I left to go to the south of Iraq, then to Syria, and then […]

Jim Lommasson

Coffee Cups, Baghdad, Iraq

Susan Birwary: My father bought this set of coffee cups when he was a young adult, before he was married… in 1945. He was insistent that it would be a […]

Jim Lommasson

The Quran, Baghdad, Iraq

Zahra AlKaabi: When I left my country Iraq in 2000, I left everything behind, my photos, my personal stuff, my memories because I just wanted to forget everything about my […]

Jim Lommasson

Hello Kitty, Baghdad, Iraq

Schmeiran Oclesho: The morning Dawns, the Sun is up. Children playing. Mothers cooking. My little notebook holds my memory of my friends remembering 

Jim Lommasson

Diaspora, Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Baher Butti: Brother in law: Seattle Washington USA. Sister: Budapest Hungary. Brother: In Jordan….no maybe Dubai/UAE. Brother: Brighten England. G.B. 

Jim Lommasson

Domino Set, Baghdad, Iraq

Othman Al Ani: I brought this domino set with me from Baghdad because it reminds me of the great times I spent with my friends. I chose this from all […]