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Photographs, Budapest, Hungary

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Eva E. Aigner: 

Our apartment became a house marked by a Jewish star, during the Holocaust.

We were taken to the ghetto from here.

Names of the individuals in photos (Left photo clockwise): 

My Playmate Gyur

Aunt Linka

Cousin Ymre

Aunt Mitzi

Cousin Jolán

My sister Ibolya

Uncle Jenö

This is the kitchen window of our apartment

My Father Moritz


Right photograph left to right:

Cousin Imre; he was taken by the Hungarian Nazis, but never found out what happened to him.

Our mother GizellaIn her escape from the train en route to the concentration camps a German soldier let her go, and that is how she survived. She saved my sisters and my life, and because of one righteous act, my sister and I were blessed by being able to have a family

Our father Mortiz, who was killed in the Forced Labor Camp.

My cousin Sanyi was incarcerated in Auschwitz. He later immigrated to the United States


Lower Left:

Photos of my Family.

This picture is the very last photo, before my father was taken to the Forced Labor Camp, which was created for able bodied Jewish males. My father Moritz is on the far right in

the window. In the front row is my mother (Gizella) and I am sitting on her lap. My sister Ibolya stands behind our mom. We are with our aunts and cousins for the very last time.


Lower Right: 

This family photo was taken while we were still in peaceful times, before our family was torn apart by the Holocaust. This picture was of my immediate family and two of my cousins.

I brought both photos with me as my husband Leslie and I escaped from Hungary in 1956.

Eva E. Aigner