Jim Lommasson

Postcards, Budapest, Hungary

Les Aigner:  My mother Anna asking my dad Gyrela, if he ever received the food package that she has sent him This postcard was sent to a town named  

Jim Lommasson

Jewish Passport, Vienna, Austria

Evelyn Banko: My parents and I were already in Riya, Latvia on October 5, 1938 when all German passports held by Jews became invalid and had to be sent to […]

Jim Lommasson

Books and Belt, Vienna, Austria

Evelyn Banko: When the Nazis occupied Austria in 1936, my parents hoped they would be able to leave Vienna for a safer country.

To Bear Witness: Closure

On a journey to come to terms with their losses, a group of Holocaust survivors from Portland, OR, travel together to six of the locations where concentration camps

Photo: Sankar Raman

Miracles, Memories and a Message

Life’s hardest lessons can come at a steep cost. Tragedy, trauma and misfortune often breed bitterness, anger and hatred. Les and Eva Aigner, octogenarian Nazi