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Faded Shirt, Mexico City, Mexico

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Ivan Hernandez:

My mom bought me this T shirt at la Villa de Guadalupe in Mexico City, on our way to the border. She prayed that we made it safe to the “the other side.”  Although I don’t have a religious connection with it now, It reminds me of faith that everything is going to be ok at the end. Today, I don’t have what I want yet, but I’m better because I can have a hot meal everyday and no longer live in a house made of cardboard. Today I can more easily build a better future.
My mom bought me this t-shirt on Guadalupe Street. When were walking through she asked the Virgin to keep us safe on our way to the United States. I was eleven years old and just about to turn twelve, I turned twelve on the border. Currently, it doesn’t represent anything religious any more, not like it did before. But even so, it represents a strong faith in that everything will be okay. I used this shirt while walking in the desert and, in spite of only using it for a few days, it seems like I used it for years. The falls and the thorns wore out the shirt. It’s the same faith that helped me to move forward and to do what made my family proud of me. It’s the same faith that helped me get up when I was cold, sleepy, scared and in pain. I have faith because my purpose came to fruition and made me realize that I could do even more. Yesterday, I had faith that today would be better, and today I still don’t live in a house made of cardboard.

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