Sankar Raman

Liani J. Reeves

Liani was born in Seoul, South Korea, and adopted from an orphanage when she was just a few months old into a white American family.  

An Orphan’s Long Journey Home

Liani Reeves arrived in the US when she was only a few months old. With no way to trace her ties to her birth family in Korea, she grew up […]

Sankar Raman

He Came by Stork, I Came by Plane

The first time Liani Reeves realized that other people saw her as Asian was in the fifth grade.  “Everybody decided that Michael Lee and I should  

Kim Oanh Nguyen

I Never Thought That Could Be Me

Joe Kye fell in love with music in elementary school. But becoming a career musician was never on the table. After arriving in the U.S.

Kim Oanh Nguyen

Performing with a Purpose

Within a matter of months, Joe Kye had gone from teaching English in a high school classroom to playing his music at open mics in local dive bars.

Sankar Raman

An All-American Korean Gives Back

Lori Stegmann thinks her birthday is on January 24, but she will never be sure if that’s true. Her story begins in 1960 at City Hall in Seoul, South Korea, […]