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The Fourth Mistake: Another Daughter

Rama could not escape the war all around her – the sounds of bullets, the sights of suicide bombings, the constant fear of being caught in the middle of an attack.  Her parents wanted to get her to safety and, expecting the fighting to end soon, her mother brought her to stay with her older married sister in the US. But war tore the family apart and Rama soon found herself alone, a young teenager, stranded in a strange country with no parents or siblings to protect her and no safe place to stay. She had to start making her own decisions.

I Am My Story Live is a production of the award-winning nonprofit The Immigrant Story. The stories were presented live on stage at Alex L. Parks Performing Arts Center, Jesuit High School in Beaverton, Oregon, on Saturday, September 11, 2021. With a focus on powerful voices of survival and soothing musical accompaniment, I Am My Story Live provided a space for storytelling, cultural exchange and empathy.

Organized as a part of Beaverton’s Welcoming Week, with generous support from the City of Beaverton, the program focused on remarkable, first-person tales of courage and fortitude. 

Major funding for I Am My Story Live is provided by the generous contribution of the presenting sponsor Zidell Family Foundation.