Jim Lommasson

Dinner Plate, Baghdad, Iraq

Susan Birwary: We ate on this plate since childhood and on every holiday until 2005, when I left to go to the south of Iraq, then to Syria, and then […]

Jim Lommasson

Coffee Cups, Baghdad, Iraq

Susan Birwary: My father bought this set of coffee cups when he was a young adult, before he was married… in 1945. He was insistent that it would be a […]

Jim Lommasson

The Quran, Baghdad, Iraq

Zahra AlKaabi: When I left my country Iraq in 2000, I left everything behind, my photos, my personal stuff, my memories because I just wanted to forget everything about my […]

Jim Lommasson

Hello Kitty, Baghdad, Iraq

Schmeiran Oclesho: The morning Dawns, the Sun is up. Children playing. Mothers cooking. My little notebook holds my memory of my friends remembering 

Jim Lommasson

Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad, Iraq

Haifa Al Habeeb, By the Book: Alas is today similar to yesterday? Despair, sickness, and foreignness. Will my tomorrow be just like my yesterday?

Jim Lommasson

Diaspora, Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Baher Butti: Brother in law: Seattle Washington USA. Sister: Budapest Hungary. Brother: In Jordan….no maybe Dubai/UAE. Brother: Brighten England. G.B. 

Jim Lommasson

Domino Set, Baghdad, Iraq

Othman Al Ani: I brought this domino set with me from Baghdad because it reminds me of the great times I spent with my friends. I chose this from all […]

Sankar Raman

What Would You Take with You

A portrait of an Iraqi refugee’s family propelled award-winning photographer Jim Lommasson on a mission: to ensure that Americans hear the stories of Iraqi and