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Coffee Pot & Grinder, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Imam Abdulah Polovina:

In this photo you can see an old traditional handmade coffee bean grinder and the traditional coffee called “dzezva” for making Bosnian  or Turkish coffee.

As coffee holds a vital place in Bosnian society, many distinct coffee related words have developed over time. The most common word for coffee drinking is “kahvenisanje.” It constitutes more than the mere act of drinking and it actually means socializing over coffee. Another important term is “cejf” (cheyf) which can be translated as pleasure of enjoying something. As for Bosnians, coffee “kahra” is more than drink, kahva is a ritual.    

Additionally, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, coffee is an integral part of our culture. It is an invitation for conversation which implies time to spend with friends and family.

I brought this coffee grinder and “dzezva”, coffee pot, from Bosnia. Those are gifts from my mother and they hold special memories recalling time spent with her, drinking Bosnian coffee.