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Bowl, Central African Republic

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Mariamou’s Abdoulye:

It’s called tummude and we use it to hold milk. In the Fulani tradition we use it every morning to milking our cows or where we carry the milk.   Also the big ones can be used for selling the milk; this tummude is designed by hand the way it’s designed by burning metal and tracing it on the tummude making the design you want. That’s something that is personal to every individual. I believe, something very important and very valuable to Fulanis this item is grown by individuals and yes some people do buy it but for most folks grows them at home. This is why it’s very personal to every tummude grower because it is something that they grew and to see it turning into something beautiful that carries their liquids most of all their dairy products is completely amazing in my eyes.