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Prayer Book, Rachu, Tibet

Jim Lommasson
Jim Lommasson / What We Carried

Tsering Dolma:

This prayer book was one of my father’s oldest daily prayer book that I received from my late eldest brother. I brought it from Nepal when I went back to visit my family years ago and it is very precious to me to keep and preserve my late father’s daily prayer practices as much as I can to keep the traditions alive!

My father and mother were very traditional compassionate, peace loving people who showed us children loving kindness and said prayers for all. I am carrying out my father’s prayers daily to this day and those will be my prayers until my death. When I pray this prayer, I am missing my parents and thinking about them in my prayers! Also I pray for the whole world to be more peaceful, healthier, with less sickness and death from any diseases and wars, to be a pure land of Amitabha. Also fewer natural disasters!

Tsering Dolma