Jim Lommasson

Photographs, Ngoma, Rwanda

Emmanuel Turaturanye: My family my Pride Daddy was killed on 9 April 1994 I carry this picture because it keeps his memory and spirit alive in me.

Jim Lommasson

Wedding Photograph, Rwanda

Emmanuel Turaturanye: My father preached that Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994 The genocide started that Thursday, April 7. My family was killed the following day, 

Sankar Raman

It Is a Genuine Reconciliation

Emmanuel Turaturanye was born and raised in a small town in Rwanda called Ngoma. His whole life he was taught by his parents to love and respect everyone,  

To Bear Witness: Reconciliation

A survivor of the genocide in Rwanda when he was a teenager, Emmanuel Turanturanye has a theory about why he is alive: to tell rest of world what happened

Karen Weliky

Building a Future With Forgiveness

When Romy Ahounou was just a little boy in the Republic of the Congo, war broke out. “My parents put me and my brother in a suitcase and put us […]

Sankar Raman

“I Lived to Tell the World”

The guy on the MAX train shot an angry glare at a younger man sitting nearby. Emmanuel Turaturanye was dressed in the plaid shirt and down jacket of the Pacific […]