Every single immigrant is part of a larger history that needs to be communicated in all its ambivalences and complexities. ~Jim Goldberg

We believe that telling stories can bring our country together. When you help us share powerful stories, you shape the narrative of today’s America. As we grow, you also become a vital voice in our organization’s future.

There are many stories to be told, and many voices to be heard. The important work cannot be done without help from people like you contributing your unique talents to help us sustain and grow. Currently we are looking for the following positions.

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities and would like to learn more, please contact us.

Chief Editor and Staff Writer:

You are a creative story teller who knows how to work within the confines of historical documentation to produce well-crafted narratives for consumption by today’s audience. Your English is impeccable and you are a natural mentor to our editors. You are a strategic thinker and would love to be a part of Our Story to set the future course. You are passionate about immigrant and refugees issues and causes. You have the time and the commitment to help us achieve our goal.

Chief Technologist and Systems Guru:

You are a web developer with great design aesthetics. You love to work with a team of creative photographers and storytellers to bring a website to life. You have social media in mind when designing your platform.  You believe in this progressive cause and are willing to volunteer your time (up to  5 hours/week) to build a robust platform for these stories.

You are also an expert and has the following experience:

  • Strong knowledge of Content Management Systems including WordPress
  • Strong knowledge of PHP, object oriented design and frameworks
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Advanced knowledge with Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop

Photographer/Story Teller:

Are you a photographer who finds ways to tell stories not only through your lens but also through your writing? Do you gravitate toward portraits, street photography and human subjects? Do you feel compelled to tell people’s stories? Are you a progressive when it comes to immigrant and refugee issues? Maybe this is a place for you to share your talent.  Work involves capturing about 1 story every two weeks.


You are an experienced English language editor with background in biographies and human interest stories. You are familiar with web content publishing. You pay attention to tone and voice, as well as mechanics.  Editorial work involves correcting one story (~600 words) per week.