Jim Lommasson

Registration Cards, Budapest, Hungary

Leslie Aigner: These were given to me on the way home from the camps. They allowed me to travel on the trains and get some food on the stations  

Jim Lommasson

Jewish Passport, Vienna, Austria

Evelyn Banko: My parents and I were already in Riya, Latvia on October 5, 1938 when all German passports held by Jews became invalid and had to be sent to […]

Jim Lommasson

Books and Belt, Vienna, Austria

Evelyn Banko: When the Nazis occupied Austria in 1936, my parents hoped they would be able to leave Vienna for a safer country.

John Rudoff

Fleeing Hatred, Finding Home

The sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church in Southwest Portland is a cavernous space, and on Aug. 16, 1958,  the pews bulged as Evelyn Diamant