I Am An American Live

Patricia Reser Center for the Arts
12625 SW Crescent St
Beaverton, OR 97005

7:00 PM, Saturday, April 15, 2023

In celebration of the diversity brought to our country by Americans of Asian ancestry, we at The Immigrant Story invite you to join us on April 15 for “I Am An American Live.” This event is part of the programming by the Oregon Rises Above Hate coalition, with the aim of drawing attention to the historic xenophobia experienced by the Asian American community in Oregon and across the U.S. This history of systemic bias includes policies that have resulted in discrimination, incarceration, erasure, and a recent increase in hate crimes.  

“I Am An American” will begin with four storytellers sharing their experiences of what it means to belong in America, even while at times being excluded. Tellers from a diversity of backgrounds from across Asia tell stories of how our government policies have affected them as individuals. They go on to relate how these experiences in their own lives inspired them to become agents of change. These powerful stories will inform us about an important aspect of our past as a nation and offer an opportunity for reflection on our collective history.

After a brief intermission, the evening will continue with original pan-Asian music composed and presented by Balamurali Balu (Bala), a well-known composer in the Tamil film industry, for this occasion combining traditional sounds from India, China, and Japan with Western classical orchestral harmonies. We have assembled eminent musicians from the Portland area who have worked collaboratively to create this unique concert. The performance will celebrate the rich cultures brought to the United States by multiple generations of immigrants and refugees. 

Join us for an evening of stories and music from Oregonians, about the places they built, the traditions they brought, and what it has meant to truly belong in their hometown.

This free event is made possible by a generous contribution by Anne Naito-Campbell. Additional funds for Programming has been provided by Ronald Naito Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and by a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission and Oregon Parks and Recreation. 

This is a FREE event.
Space is limited. Please only reserve tickets if you know you are able to attend.

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