This is Our Story

From the moment that humans crossed the Bering Strait to reach what is now the United States — possibly earlier — ours has been a nation of immigrants. The stories of immigrants comprise our nation’s collective history and its rich, multicultural present. These stories both form and strengthen the very fabric of the country.

At The Immigrant Story (TIS), we document and archive the voices and stories of immigrants in short, accessible visual and written formats. Our vision is to provide curated, and relevant content to enhance empathy and create an inclusive community. Our goal is both to advance the national dialogue and to dispel myths about new Americans through strong, thoughtful, narratives.

Sankar Raman / The Immigrant Story

We are a team of volunteer journalists, storytellers, writers, photographers, graphic designers, web developers and marketing specialists. More than 20 volunteers pool their talents, skills and experience to report and disseminate stories of immigrants and refugees. Our team members live in places as diverse as Oregon, Washington, Indiana and Tennessee.

The editorial board curates and shapes our content. Collectively the board brings more than 100 years of writing and editing experience to TIS, and the individual members have published work in The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The Oregonian, to name a few. Board members include award-winning writers, journalists and authors.

Our stories reflect the current national discourse. For example, we publish stories about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, refugees, Muslim women wearing hijabs and Muslim women who choose not to wear the hijab. Through these stories, we explore race, identity, religion and nationality, hoping to encourage greater understanding.

Our impact is growing.

And we’re only just beginning …

We promote conversations on important topics by bringing our stories to public spaces. These projects are firmly rooted in storytelling — both visual and narrative — that we hope encourages exploration and reflection.

For example, in recent months, we launched two exhibitions.

Chris Eadicicco / The Immigrant Story

Who We Are,” a gallery show featuring the stories and portraits of women who wear hijabs, is currently traveling across various Portland venues. This gallery show has been solidly booked until the end of June 2019 — an indication of the importance and popularity of these stories.

Likewise, “Diversity is Our Strength” is a curated exhibition of photographs of immigrants and refugees who have woven their lives into the American experience.

We need your support

There are so many more stories to tell!

We are energized by the support of the community we serve, and we believe that when immigrants share their powerful stories, they help reshape the cultural and political narrative in the United States.

In today’s national climate, with its often xenophobic political discourse, it is important to offer a counter-narrative that stresses the importance of immigrants’ contributions to our country.

That is why our work to bring high-quality content to our readers must continue.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers. But we also realize the need to solidify our future financially so that we can continue doing this important work. We have exciting plans to branch into spheres such as podcasts and videos. But these efforts take money.

Please help us in our mission to document the lives of our immigrant population. Your support goes a long way toward helping us grow. We are a lean and efficient organization; every dollar you provide makes an immediate impact and a world of difference!

If you’d like to help us, please follow the link below.

We are a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation incorporated in 2018 under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

Thanks for your support. If you’d like to help us, we have plenty of opportunities and will always find something for you to do. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is also available to speak to individuals or organizations.