Our Diversity is Our Strength

A photo contest telling the story of immigrants in our community

To highlight the diversity and strength of our community, “The Immigrant Story” is hosting a photography contest to address an issue that is prevalent in our country today: xenophobia. The contest, open from February 1 through April 30,  2018, welcomes submissions of photographs that depict the stories of immigrants who have added to our diverse cultural landscape.

We are a nation of many immigrants and ethnicities built by the beautiful tapestry of different identities and cultures woven together. The current climate in our nation and events this past year have reminded us that many of our neighbors continue to face prejudice. 

Through visual stories of immigrants, whether first generation, second or 10th, we see the hopes and dreams that we all share for ourselves and our families and the things that bind us as a community and a nation.

Image Story
Sankar Raman / The Immigrant Story

By humanizing the immigration issue, learning something about the individuals whose journeys brought them to the United States, we hope to add to the empathy and understanding we have for each other. This, in turn, will help heal and bring our community together.

A final selection of photos will be made in May and will be exhibited at Pro Photo Supply in June  2018. There will be a community event at Pro Photo with speakers from different cultural community groups. A selection of photos will also be shared on social media and online by Pro Photo Supply and by The Immigrant Story.

What we are looking for –  Submitted images can tell a story about a recent immigrant, second generation family, or go back many generations to reference a person’s or family’s story about coming to the United States.  Images might speak to this process of seeking out a new home here and the things that compelled them to do so, as well as the challenges and successes they found when they came.

Some suggested aspects of life to photograph could include: home life, celebration, family, work, community, education, leisure.

We encourage photographers of all levels to participate including students, amateurs and professional photographers.

To enter, complete an entry form with the required information

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